About Us

Our goal is to help make your trip a magical experience, and you can enjoy it in a simple and attractive way.

What can you do in Tripxee?

Tripxee invites you to FIND TOURS, CREATE NEW ones, SHARE experiences, and ENRICH your trip with others travellers experiences.

  • You can live your adventures before leaving, planning the places to visit and contacting those who already were there.

  • Share your trip will be easy, uploading the places you visited and sharing your online experience.

  • You can recreate your adventures with a complete and simple log and you can help other travelers with your experience.

  • We also invite you to live the experience of traveling the world without leaving your home, touring the world's most spectacular tours.

We pretend to unite people with the same passion for discovering new places, making available to users new tools.

Each comment enriches the journey of someone else.

Every content of every point of interest will help travellers "to travel" from the comfort of your computer. So our priority is quality.

The whole team of the TripXee will provide the most useful content of the site you are looking for. The information provided by our users is what we value most, since they describe their places or opinions for having been there before us.

This is what the TripXee offers. We want "adventurous visitors" so that we are a gateway to the best adventures of the world.

Have a nice trip!